cFIRST simplifies Project-based Hiring Process to support exponential growth at a Multi-national Enterprise


The organization is a global leader in offering product development and digital solutions. It provides bespoke digital solutions for every product development stage by employing top-notch talent required for varied projects, including roles such as engineers, coders, UI/UX designers, business analysts, and more. An efficient background screening service is vital in maintaining a healthy hiring pipeline and validation of technical skills. Full compliance and accuracy are the keys to making informed hiring decisions that lead to ambitious project teams bringing products to life. The organization joined forces with cFIRST to create an end-to-end, tailored solution to meet the company’s hiring demands. cFIRST offered customized packages for each project, making it easier for hiring managers to keep tabs on candidates and avoid errors and inconsistencies. The seamless integration with cFIRST’s background screening solution expedited the next round of decisions and subsequent offers, allowing rapid team growth.


As a renowned global player in the product development and digital solution market, the organization needed to optimize recruitment processes through technology to effectively filter out inconsistencies. Comprehensive background checks become mandatory to match suitable candidates with the right position for each project. Manually selecting appropriate background checks for different projects presented severe challenges:

  • HR teams had to select appropriate background screening packages to initiate background checks for different projects individually.
  • Manual selection resulted in ineffective use of man-hours and cases of missed infractions.
  • On several occasions, unwanted checks were ordered and the required ones were missed.
  • The HR team found tracking and monitoring the ordered background checks challenging.
  • Manual selection of background checks on a case-by-case basis made it almost impossible to generate a collated report for analytics purposes.
  • The tedious, and prone-to-error background screening process negatively impacted compliance scores.


cFIRST created an enterprise-grade, personalized solution to help the talent acquisition team at the organization stay organized and avoid ineffective use of talent acquisition efforts. The solution enabled the organization to scale hiring operations with their needs, speeding up the recruitment process.

  • cFIRST used an API-first platform to create customized background screening packages for each project.
  • The predefined applicable background checks were listed within the integration ecosystem.
  • Now, the team only had to select the application package for any project and corresponding background checks would be ordered.


  • Since the SLA was predefined, the solution actualized 0 errors regarding checks to be ordered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Compliance score of over 99% for all consecutively initiated checks for a year now.
  • Infosec compliance improved due to no dependency on sharing of reports over email.
  • TAT to start verification dropped to less than 4 hours due to pre-defined checks being created in the system that are ready to be performed.
  • Report TAT dropped to less than 5 hours from the closure of checks as reports are QCed and delivered via the API solution eliminating the need for email exchanges.