cFIRST Announces Integration with iCIMS

Cincinnati, Ohio | 12th January 2024 – cFIRST, the leading provider of background screening and employment verification services, is pleased to announce its latest integration with iCIMS, a leading provider of talent acquisition software solutions.

The integration of cFIRST’s background screening solutions with the iCIMS platform allows a seamless experience for the customers letting them easily access and leverage cFIRST’s comprehensive suite of background screening services directly within the iCIMS interface. This integration streamlines the hiring process, ensuring a more efficient and compliant employee onboarding experience.

Key benefits of the cFIRST integration with iCIMS include:

1- Efficient Hiring Processes: The integration simplifies the background screening and verification process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and multiple logins. HR professionals can now manage their hiring and screening activities through one centralized platform.

2- Enhanced Compliance: cFIRST’s background screening services are designed to meet the latest compliance standards and regulations, helping organizations maintain the highest standards of compliance and data security.

3- Faster Time-to-hire: With quick and easy access to background screening services, organizations can expedite the hiring process, reducing time-to-hire and ensuring candidates are onboarded faster.

4- Quality Assurance: cFIRST’s reputation for accuracy and reliability ensures that organizations receive high-quality background screening results, giving them confidence in their hiring decisions.

Viral Vora, Founder and CEO of cFIRST, expressed his enthusiasm about the integration, saying, “We are thrilled to join forces with iCIMS and offer our background screening expertise through the iCIMS Marketplace. Our partnership will undoubtedly benefit organizations seeking to streamline their hiring processes, minimize compliance risks, and make better-informed hiring decisions.”

About cFIRST

Headquartered in Ohio, cFIRST is a global digital background screening service provider helping enterprises hire talent through its API-enabled mobile-friendly platform. cFIRST was launched with a vision to help organizations eliminate any inaccuracies in their hiring process, creating an indelible candidate experience and productive workplaces around the world. For more information about cFIRST, please visit