Techpod with Rohit Sardana – Viral Vora speaks about the ‘Future of Hiring in India and the World’

Techpod with Rohit Sardana – Viral Vora speaks about the ‘Future of Hiring in India and the World’


About the Podcast:

IncubateIND founder Mr. Rohit Sardana recently met Mr. Viral Vora over a conversation about the changing trends in the processes of hiring and recruitment, induced by technological advancements. During this interaction, Mr. Vora shed light on the incidents that propelled him to launch CAYPRO, along with cFIRST and COGBEE. He recognized the importance of brand image and how a company struggles to hire a stranger who can end up being a potential threat to the company as well, if not properly judged. He talks about empowering the recruiters with his Applicant Tracking System-CAYPRO, which is smarter and intuitive to ensure there is no room for doubts. He focuses on the significant transformation the process of application has undergone from physical dropping of resumes to online, remote video applications, made possible through highly advanced technological tools to assist the recruiters. Tune in to the podcast to hear from the man himself!

About the Speaker:

Mr. Viral Vora is the CEO of Vora Group of Companies, owner of cFIRST, CAYPRO, and COGBEE that comprise the ecosystem of the smart hiring process, bringing about a revolution in the game of recruitment and hiring. He is an engineer by academic degrees who has seen the best of India and the United States, recognizing the helplessness hiring managers faced with the workload and inability to verify facts that were produced by the applicants. He focuses on the tools like CAYPRO and COGBEE that have proved to be game-changers in the process of hiring and revolutionized the technology used in recruitment for the better.