cFIRST Helped Revenue Cycle Management Leader Streamline the Hiring Process with Personalized API Integration


The organization is an established player in the revenue cycle management market bringing together the expertise of professionals and technology. Validation of professional expertise in finance and technology is essential to build efficient teams that can conquer the complex processes involved in deal execution, contract fulfillment, and renewal. For organizations, it is equally crucial to ensure workplace safety and workforce integrity to provide world-class solutions to their clients. The organization selected cFIRST to design a personalized, end-to-end solution for pre-and post-employment background screening. cFIRST delivered a comprehensive solution that connects the best of candidates and limits the hiring risk with time-saving automation, making it easier, faster, and simpler for the organization.


As a leading provider of revenue lifecycle management solutions, hiring and retaining qualified professionals with clear backgrounds become decisive for the organization’s ongoing operations. Carrying out background checks at both pre-hire and post-joining stages using the same platform poses significant challenges for the organization:

  • Their talent management platform served a dual purpose of talent acquisition and HRMS (Human Resources Management System).
  • This consolidated platform resulted in ineffective use of man-hours because of the blended view of the pre-onboarding and post-onboarding phases.
  • When the team initiated background checks via HRMS, the platform launched screening at both stages — the offer stage and one post the candidate has joined.
  • The introduction of the Talent Acquisition platform into HRMS made it complex to manage hiring, onboarding and HR processes.
  • Therefore, the team had to involve intensive manual tasks in order to maintain these processes.


  • cFIRST built an enterprise-grade, end-to-end solution that automated background verification processes. The solution enabled the organization to streamline employee background checks through seamless integration with disjoined HRMS and Talent Acquisition (TA) systems.
  • cFIRST used the API-first approach and created two separate, customizable and automated workflows for pre-hire and post-joining background checks.
  • These workflows connected HRMS and TA with unique identification codes that would help trigger background verification processes automatically whenever required.


  • The organization now saves over 80+ recurring daily man-hours previously consumed by manual intervention required for processing background checks.
  • The implementation helped the organization save over 2 hours daily per recruiter and accelerate the hiring process (hours saved is the time consumed during manual initiation of each candidate).
  • The solution ensured full compliance and lesser scope of error thereby reducing any bias and recruitment risks.