Top 5 Benefits of Conducting Background Checks in Manufacturing Industry

Top 5 Benefits of Conducting Background Checks in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a vital sector of the global economy. It provides employment opportunities for millions of people and produces goods that are essential for modern life. In this highly competitive industry, companies are always looking for ways to gain an edge. One of the ways manufacturing companies can do this is by conducting […]

How to ensure Diversity and Inclusion in Retail Hiring Practices?

Diversity and Inclusion in Retail Industry

In the modern business landscape, diversity and inclusion have emerged as essential components for any organization. They are no longer considered optional but imperative for success. The retail industry, in particular, has a diverse customer base with varying cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a diverse and inclusive workforce in retail to cater […]

Employee Identity Screening: 6 Key Trends for 2023

Employee identity screening is an important aspect of the hiring process that helps companies to verify the identity and background of potential employees. In recent years, the scope of employee identity screening has expanded, driven by a combination of technological advancements, security concerns, and regulatory requirements. As we progress into 2023, it is important for […]

Moonlighting: How Can Employers Deal With it


The last two years of the pandemic introduced several changes in the way we work and live. The biggest change for organizations was the opening up of the possibility of employees working from home. This seemed like a sub-optimal way of working when it first began, and most of us assumed this was a phase […]

10 Questions to Ask While Choosing the Right Vendor for Background Screening

The interview process for a new hire helps an employer understand whether an applicant has the required skills and the right attitude. These would ensure that the new employee is a good fitment with the company culture and can be expected to perform well as per the requirements of her job role. The right skills […]

Managing Regulatory Compliance in Background Checks in 2023

A detailed employee background verification is an integral part of the hiring process. It goes above and beyond the assessment of capabilities and fitment of the applicant and ensures the security of the employers, their other employees, and business operations. A wrong hire can result in steep costs in terms of reputation, resources, and business […]

New Trends in Employee Background Verification for 2023

It is no secret that the greatest contributor to any company’s success is its workforce. This means that companies must hire dependable, reliable, and accomplished people with clean records so that their workforce remains safe and productive. Making sure that the candidates have a desirable background, therefore, forms the crux of candidate verification. Behind every […]

Understanding the Legal Guidelines for an effective Background Screening Policy

Talent acquisition is a tedious process for any employer. Right from sourcing the talent to assessment to pre-employment background screening, each step involves a multitude of selection criteria, failing which the process has to be repeated over and over again. Add to this, the rise in litigation against employers for unlawfully employing background checks.  The […]

What to consider when implementing your employee screening strategy?

“They are quick.” “They are affordable.” “I like my account administrator.” While these aspects may seem significant, there are other, more compelling factors to take into account when evaluating your existing background screening provider. The subject of what essentially the determining variables are and how to evaluate whether a background check business deserves to be a […]

How to Use Pre-Employment Background Checks to Prevent Unconscious Bias in Hiring?

The primary goal of any hiring manager is to work toward making recruitment decisions that are based on trustworthy data, fair over the long-term, and without regard to background variables like caste, creed, gender, age, criminal, social, or financial history. However, frequently coming in the way of that is an unconscious bias in the recruiting […]