cFIRST helps build a world-class employee verification experience for a global enterprise

A global talent consulting partner joins hands with cFIRST to build a world-class candidate verification experience for global firms across industries. With more than 2000 recruiters onboard, the enterprise provides a competent workforce solution to several significant businesses worldwide. The organization selected cFIRST to create an end-to-end automated and comprehensive background screening solution while saving cost, time, and energy for the enterprise.

cFIRST intended to create an end-to-end automated and comprehensive background screening solution while saving cost, time, and energy for the enterprise.


Hiring at scale can be a difficult affair – particularly when the organization is a renowned talent consulting player, the challenges become more prominent –

  • Manual background checks were tedious and inaccurate
  • Potential for documentation errors, biases, and other human errors
  • Excessive time and cost involved
  • Not enough transparency and visibility over cases handed to vendors
  • ‍Involvement of multiple systems in processing a single candidate and with repeat requests for documents
  • Insufficient candidate and client engagement and communication, causing confusion and dissatisfaction
  • A delayed and lagging verification process led to an overall poor verification experience


1.      Built a robust verification platform that was –

  • End-to-end automated
  • Customizable per client challenges and requirements
  • Seamless with simple guidelines
  • Holistic, API-first platform that can be easily integrated within their in-house ATS and HRMS eco-systems
  • Streamlined but customizable to adapt to specific and general use cases

2.      Helped the client secure its talent acquisition process with efficient and reliable candidate acquisition at an industry-leading TAT.

3.      Offered clear and detailed communication with precise documentation and storage of all necessary records.

4.      Single system screening allowing upload, signing, submission, and management of data digitally secure from the same platform for the candidate and the client.

5.      Enhanced candidate engagement and client satisfaction.

6.      Provision for remote and paperless verification where necessary.

7.      Scale recruitment, making it safer, faster, and more cost-efficient with reduced scope for biases and errors.

8.      Faster talent acquisition to build a strong workforce while allowing the client to focus more on core business-related activities.

Results –

  • The enterprise saves 6,000+ man-hours every month from processing background checks that can now be diverted to business
  • As a result, over $100,000 in costs and overhead expenses were saved
  • The enterprise enjoyed an overall 60% boost in employee performance and retention when screened with cFIRST
  • There has been an approximate 70% reduction in cases and risks of internal organizational crime
  • 100% digital verification process
  • 5x faster hiring

“The unique and highly simplified screening procedure we currently have in place thanks to cFIRST has surpassed our initial expectations and objectives,” quoting a senior HR manager at the enterprise.